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soot and charcoal are when im feeling really wild

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If you don’t think these are the greatest than you’re lying


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matching icons for you and your friends

whoever made these I really just need to personally thank you for enriching my life 

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all i  get are anons. >_>; and I dont want to flood the dash, that and itd be nice to actually talk to my followers sometimes but i mean its cool 

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people are literally coming here after mike brown's murder yelling about how ageism is a crisis of our time. what the fuck? is this you guys' priority? trying to make infanticide more illegal than it already is?

willing to bet 99% of these people are white & middle class. 

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Nope. I live in the southern USA (yeah, not a good place for human rights anyway) and my dad is physically abusive. Last time I called the police and had to be taken to a hospital because they thought I had fractured ribs and it turned out my liver was bruised. What did the police say to him? "Oh, I'm sure she was being a brat." They didn't ask me anything. There was no police report filed. I, laying in my bed asleep, was "being a brat" and "deserved it." That's adult privilege.










No, that’s child abuse. 

Why do you have to invent new sj buzzwords? Does “domestic violence” not sound “oppressive” enough or?????

My dad was abusive too :|. He didnt “get away with it” because he had “adult privilege”, he got away with it because I too live in southeastern USA and things here are fucked up and a lot of people get away with things they shouldnt. The whole nation is like this. 

Adult privilege is bullshit because there ARE laws that protect children, there ARE consequences for child neglect and abuse and legitimate mistreatment. But people can only do so much because there will always be others who A) dont give a fuck B) dont see it or C) think its normal

You are not oppressed because you’re not 18.


Literally, this “adult privilege” thing is stupid.

If you got the shit beaten out of you, that’s abuse.  Not “adult privilege” you uneducated child.


if “adult privilege is bullshit because there are laws that protect children and consequences for child neglect and abuse”, then I guess the fact that rape is illegal means there are no problems for gender equality in our society? hopefully you find this a completely ridiculous argument, as it is when you apply it to ageism. the fact is, yes, we have laws against child abuse, but:

A) adults can and commonly do treat children like shit in many, many ways without running afoul of those laws. this is because we also have laws which establish children as a special class of people who do not possess basic human rights other than those expressly granted to them. for example, many countries have laws which state that actions which would ordinarily constitute assault cannot be defined as assault if the perpetrator is a parent and the victim is their child.

B) laws against child abuse are enforced within a culture that normalizes adults having total power over children, and thus their enforcement will always be lackluster at best. “things here being fucked up and a lot of people getting away with things they shouldn’t” is actually an excellent description of the symptoms of social privilege.

child abuse happens because of adult privilege. it happens because when a child hits an adult they’re a no-good brat, but when an adult hits a child they were “just understandably frustrated because of something you did”. if you don’t understand that that is textbook privilege you need to, well, go read the textbook.

also, second commenter, you literally just used the word “child” as a slur in a comment intended to argue that children are not oppressed. how much of a dumbass can you be?

A.)  I bet you think spanking a child is assault.

B.) Would you rather children separate from their parents and live on their own?  It’s called emancipation.  Read a textbook.

Adults beating children is never “just understandably frustrated”.  it’s always wrong.  And it’s called child abuse.  And before we get to that point; there is a difference between a spanking and a beating.

Calling a child a child is not using a slur.  Grow up and educate yourself.

spanking involves touching someone without permission with the express intent of causing them physical and/or emotional discomfort. the only possible reason you could believe that doesn’t meet the definition of assault is if you think children don’t have basic human rights.

also, you know very well you were not simply “calling a child a child”. what I called you out on was using the word “child” as a slur, which you did. slur (noun): a disparaging remark or slight; an insult. in context, your use of the word “child” constituted a slur. technically any word can be used as a slur given correct context; for example, if I call you a “useless fucking paperclip” it is quite obvious “paperclip” is intended as a slur. however, use of the word “child” in this manner is (unlike in the case of “paperclip”) backed up by socially constructed beliefs about the inherent inferiority of children, and words like “child” and “childish” are, due to those beliefs, commonly employed as slurs - slurs whose continued use is potentially damaging both to the general social perception of children and to the self-image of children who witness a part of their identity routinely used as an insult. thus the irony I felt the need to point out, that you were contributing to all this in the same breath as claiming that children do not face oppression.

and I am very highly educated, thank you. I have three university degrees and am currently working on a doctorate in childhood studies, which means I know approximately a buttload more about these issues than you do.

Spanking is a punishment because some children dont fucking listen. 

You say “No, dont do thing”- they do thing anyways. Thnig is wrong, thing is harmful, if thing goes unpunished shitty child becomes shitty entitled adults. 


Some children dont respond to words. Some children dont care if you take away a toy or a privilege because they’ll giggle and think its a game/funny. So you spank them, because its a negative experience associated with negative behavior. And they learn “HEY I PROBABLY SHOULDNT DO THIS BECAUSE THAT MEANS I’LL GET SPANKED AND I DONT LIKE BEING SPANKED.” 

you obviously dont have kids.

and I see you changed your theme :3 

you just don’t fucking get it, do you? CHILDREN ARE NOT YOUR PROPERTY. IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT TO CONTROL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. taking someone’s personal property away because they did some minor thing you unilaterally decided was bad is wrong too, asshole. you would never go around stealing from adults because they said something you didn’t like or you had an argument with them or, god forbid, they didn’t obey you without question. but you think it’s fine to behave like that toward children because you don’t see them as human beings.

I don’t have kids, but I have been responsible for children - sometimes solely responsible for significant periods of time - and I have always treated them with the respect and dignity due a fellow person. when I have children of my own I am going to treat them the same way. what terrifies me is that if you have kids you are going to treat them like shit, hit and otherwise punish them at your whim, and basically act like they’re your property, and you’re going to manage to convince yourself that that makes you a better person than me. well, it doesn’t. now fuck off.


"now timmy even tho you bit me and threw your truck at my head im not going to take your special thing away b/c yur yur own person and deserve power UvU"

"well ma’am did you try ASKING debbie to stop hitting the other children??"

"Sir, you cant force Tommy to eat the dinner you’ve prepared and denying him food is abuse. We urge him to consider assisted suicide :( "

And you’re damn fucking right I’m going to spank my kids if they act like little shit. You’re damn fucking right if they yell or scream or put their hands on somebody or talk back or otherwise behave in a way that ISNT ACCEPTABLE BY ANYONE— they’re gonna get punished. Because thats how children learn, so miss me with this  flowerchild bullshit 

it is my right to control my child. Because they’re MY CHILD.

I decide what they eat, I decide when they have to be home, I decide if they get to stay up and watch power rangers or not, and I decide what behavior is and is not tolerated in my household. 

taking away a toy for being bad is STEALOING???! OH MY GOSH. OH MY FUCK IOM LAUGHING SO HARD


people like you are the reason shitty kids grow into shitty teenagers who grow into trifling entitled adults. 

"Lucy, its time to go to school."


" *calls the school* Hi, Mrs Smith? Lucy wont be attending school today because ‘she doesn’t wanna’ and its ‘boring’ and I’m not going to ppress her.  I’d appreciate it if you could tell the authorities this the next time they visit me about her attendence. Best wishes- her father." 

what kind of delusional anime are you living in boo?? 

have you never lived with a child before???? 

"lucy you cant have candy, your behavior hasnt earned it."

lucy- “*throws self on the floor and starts kicking and screaming and jumping up and down and going “I HATE YOU” 

adult privilege bloggers- “Oppressor. :|” 

i cannot. 

goodbye bitch

no one is saying children should not face consequences for behavior that actually harms another person - just like anyone does. the issue is that children are subject to unilateral judgement and punishments which, if inflicted on adults, would be considered contrary to basic human rights, AND that these can be inflicted for imagined offenses that hurt nothing except adults’ convenience, sensibilities, and power. parents punish children for swearing, for example, not because it hurts anyone but because they don’t like hearing their child swear. well, I don’t like hearing you shoot your bigoted mouth off, but that doesn’t make it socially acceptable to hit you for it, unfortunately.

if “Timmy” were 18 and threw a truck at your head, he could be arrested and tried for assault, but even if he were convicted by a jury of his peers and sentenced to a prison term would have his rights protected in ways that children’s are not.

oh, and yeah, forcing someone to eat something and denying them choice about what does and does not go into their own body is wrong, actually.

I would open up the giant can of worms that is the compulsory, prison-inspired school system, but given that you are a startlingly clear example of that system’s failure to teach anyone how to process unfamiliar ways of thinking there would seem to be no point.

most importantly, there is no such thing as the “right” to CONTROL another human being. not since the Emancipation Proclamation anyway. CHILDREN. ARE. NOT. PROPERTY. no human being can be property. get that through your thick skull and stop saying “MY child” like that because thinking you own a person is fucking creepy as shit.

you know, with most people, I believe that they can be educated and rise above the fact that society has spent their entire lives teaching them that children are inferior beings and don’t need to be treated with respect. in your case I make an exception. it’s pretty clear you’re always going to be a pathetic, spiteful person who revels in your social power over children because it makes you feel good to trample on those weaker than you.

*slams block button*

"oh, and yeah, forcing someone to eat something and denying them choice about what does and does not go into their own body is wrong, actually.”