grandmother’s kikwembe.


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How you set a nasty bitch up


Bring her to the house and remove all toilet paper/wet wipes and hand soap from the bathroom.

If she comes back from an evacuation and don’t ask you for either of those things the bitch nasty and need to be dealt with.

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This shocking stat says it all.

The gunshine state is the worst.

shocking for whom, exactly

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Anonymous asked:
Are furriers when people dress up in adult animal costumes and have sex with each other? nasty.



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fun spooky party game




follow these steps:

  1. stand in front of a mirror
  2. shout “kill all cishet men” three times
  3. watch as your tumblr inbox fills with inane defences of men, cis identities & heterosexuality.

This is why all homos should die

dont speak ever again

The irony of everything in this post is killing me.

If you can read this post, the replies, and honestly come to my inbox and tell me both “sides” arent equally fucked up- unfollow me. Unfollow me and dont ever speak to me again. 

Tw everything

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Another $200 for the doctors

Billed to my mother that my boyfriend wants to pay.

Why do i have to choose between having my mother burdened with me and having my boyfriend?

Sometimes I want to just let myself die. No nore bills. No more burden on others. Mom could spend money on herself like she deserves.

I think about it sometimes. Im in this office. Again. Crying. Dentist bills. Glasses bills. Docotors bills. And we cant pay anything. Im a leech.

Why am I alive? 

yay mental breakdowns

bitter and angry because depressive episode

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Gonna straighten my hair because why the fuck not. 

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Today’s top story: JK Rowling checks her mentions on Twitter.